About The Radio

Betar Bangla is the first radio station to serve the Bangladeshi community in the UK! Betar Bangla set out to engage with its listeners by designing programmes for our closely integrated community of Bengalis through the Radio, 1503 AM. We started broadcasting for the East End of London. We listened to your comments and suggestions, and with great thanks for your support, today you can see the progress we have made. Betar Bangla has developed online program scheduling, listen live technology and PC to Studio calling facilities to make our shows accessible and interactive for Bangladeshi’s around the world. We now have:

• Over 70,000 listeners on 1503 AM / MW, and
• Over 35,000 followers on our website

The hub of the Bangladeshi community

We have been broadcasting various programs to engage in sensitivity to issues around faith, gender, sexual orientation, and assisted in understanding the overall cultural dynamics of the community we represent! Betar Bangla has made London proud for promoting our 70,000 listeners with programs designed to enhance community awareness and to promote socio-cultural integrity. Our programmes include:

• News
• Current affairs
• Music
• Literacy
• Health & fitness
• Legal issues and citizens’ rights
• And more

Betar Bangla, a trusted brand

There is no other Bangladeshi group that has obtained a full Radio broadcast license from OFCOM, in the UK. Whilst there is a range of Asian broadcasters, none are run by, for and by Bangladeshis. We are staffed by an army of volunteers from the local community, and over the years we have developed a trusting relationship with our community.

Making a positive impact on the Bengali community

During the life of the station we will expect to see our people more confident, more informed and more engaged as citizens than they were before they came through the Betar Bangla door. We expect to change people’s lives for the better.

Betar Bangla is a Training Institute

Betar Bangla is a media organisation, delivering 24 hour radio broadcasting for the Bengali community in East London. We were awarded a licence from Ofcom in June 2010 to broadcast as a community radio on 1503 AM. The licence number is WT/CR222. We also provide media training courses to engage young BME disadvantaged youth, primarily from the local Bangladeshi community, who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) and our all courses are accredited by London Open College Network (LOCN).

A proven track record

Since the inception of Betar Bangla in 2000, the organisation has been successfully delivering ESF, LDA, Arts Council England and Local Authority funded projects both directly and in partnership with Umbrella Organisations in Tower Hamlets and Newham. Over the last 7 years Betar Bangla supported 285 beneficiaries through its accredited and non-accredited training programmes. At least 35% of these beneficiaries are now in employment. To access examples of Betar Bangla Projects you must be logged in.

Please see some examples below:

Windows into Media (2008 – 2011)

Funded by Tower Hamlets Corporate Match Funding and Working Neighbourhood Fund

This three years training programme supported 60 people through NVQ level 1 and level 2 media training for trainees to access employment with community media. The three year project budget was £102,500. Total12 beneficiaries found employment following this project and 6 beneficiaries moved to further education. This training programme was delivered and assessed by Amand Ayensu, Tutor BTEC First Diploma in Music, Course co-coordinator / tutor, BTEC N-D Music Technology.

Digital Women’s Club (2007 – 2008)

Funded by ESF and LDA

Digital Women’s Club Project was managed by umbrella organisation CIDA and delivered by Betar Bangla taking 12 hard to reach minority women to a basic level 1 and Level 2 of music to screen training. The total project fund was £12,000 and 8 women from this project went into employment.

Event Management (2006 – 2007)

This project was funded by Arts Council England London

We supported 10 people in basic level 1 & level 2 Events Management Training. The total project budget was £12,000. This project was delivered by one of the most experienced producers and event manager at the BBC World Service, Masud Khan.

Multimedia production – (2005 – 2006)

Funded by ESF and Tower Hamlets Council

This project supported 8 people delivering basic level 1 and level 2 training in music and video production. The total project budget was £10,000. The outcome of this project was Betar Bangla’s first short film, “Onion Peeler”. This training was delivered by Charlie Sen, Film Maker.

Young News Presenter (2004 – 2005)

Funded by Neighbourhood Renewal Fund

This project supported 6 Key Stage 2 pupils taking them through a basic training on news production. The total project budget was £6,500. This project was delivered by Charlie Sen.

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Being the first Bengali operated Radio Station, running 24 hours daily, we have accumulated 70,000 listeners on air, and or 30,000 online users.

The Potential outreach for such an audience knows no bounds as the entire Bengali population of Greater London can be reached at the flick of a switch, and a world full of Bengalis - online!

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